12 Gauge Car Club Website Terms and Conditions.

1) Website Conduct – This is how we expect our members to behave on the site.
1.1) We will not tolerate rude or offensive behaviour towards other members.
1.2) Please refrain from spamming the website with unsolicited content and external links.

2) Member registration – We term YOU to be the member and US to be 12 Gauge Car Club.
2.1) Membership is free to all 12 Gauge Car Club Members and our Affiliates.
2.2) Paid membership is an entitlement for YOU the paid member to view and access the website content and to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.
2.3) Membership can be revoked at any time by US if we feel you have breached these Terms and Conditions.

3) Affiliates – These are outlined below but are not limited to these.
3.1) Friends and associates of US.
3.2) Sponsors and Business Partners.
3.3) Other Car Clubs that are associated with US or wish to be Affiliated with US.

4) Forum Conduct – This is how we expect our members to behave on the Forum.

5) The Car Club – These are the terms in which we expect our CLUB members to behave, both on this site and at meets and convoys.
5.1) We will not tolerate reckless driving that may injure or otherwise harm another member or member of the public, or bring our clubs name in to disrepute.
5.2) Members


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